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Ron Swanson explains taxes. [X]

I get that it’s a character, but these kind of terrible analogies infuriate me. Because there are people who actually believe this sort of shit is a valid model for how taxation works. And it’s not.

Maybe some day we’ll get this scene:

The little girl sits around playing with her 3DS all morning.

Meanwhile, the other students bake loaves of bread, whip up egg salad, and combine them a big batch of sandwiches. They dig up potatoes from the class garden, slice them, and fry them into chips. They pick apples from the tree outside, and turn them into applesauce and juice.

At lunchtime, the little girl who’s been fucking around all morning insists that everything is hers. Even though it’s more than she could possibly eat. After all, her grandparents set up the endowment that paid for the classroom kitchen, and the garden is named after them.

And when the teacher insists that the other students are entitled to share in the meal so that they don’t starve to death… the little girl whines that it’s not fair.

So is the little girl a bureaucrat?

When children attend schools that place a greater value on discipline and security than on knowledge and intellectual development, they are attending prep schools for prison.

—Angela Davis (via thinksquad)

(via cascadiancalamity)

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